International Ballet Seminar Castellaneta Marina, TA (Italy) e Gala Performance 2018

July 2nd – 7th for students age 7 and up

Daily courses includes

ballet technique, pointe, variations contemporary dance, pas de deux, character dance.

Seminar Location

Nicotel Pineto:

Gala Location

Piazza Kennedy Castellaneta Marina (TA)


July 7th Gala Performance

Artists of the Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Russia

Art Director: Morihiro Iwata

Morihiro Iwata was born in Yokohama, Japan. In 1990 he enrolled in the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (The Bolshoi Ballet Academy) studying under Mr. Alexander Bondarenko. Graduated in ’91, and he became a soloist with a Russian ballet company. In ’93 he won First Prize in the Moscow International Ballet Competition. Iwata joined the Bolshoi Ballet in 1996 as a soloist. The ovations he received in 2008 and 2012, when he performed with the Bolshoi Ballet in Japan, are still fresh in the public’s memory. He left the Bolshoi Ballet in 2012. Currently he is achieving success as a rising choreographer. Iwata also appeared on the NHK TV program Professional, and his passion for ballet, as well as his sincere and modest character, brought an enthusiastic public response. In November of 2009, Iwata received the Order of Friendship from President Medvedev, who praised his contribution to cultural exchange between Japan and Russia.Currently artistic director of Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Russia.