Classes and Rehearsal

  • The workshop is mandatory to all competitors (except professional division dancers). More info in Workshop Section.
  • Technical rehearsal/open stage will be provided 15 minutes before each round


  • Competitors must provide their own music material, in MP3 format
  • Good quality recordings are to be sent to the Competition email address
  • All files should be marked with the competitors name, division and title of work
  • Competitors are responsible for having back-up and rehearsals copies on CD

Note: Bring a copy of your CD with yourself as backup


  • Competitors should provide their own costumes and make-up

Stage appearance

  • The order of appearance is determined by the competition after registration deadline by the latest March 7th 2018.
  • All competitors must appear in the Awards Gala Ceremony on March 19th
  • If a dancer is unable to perform due to possible injury, he/she must provide a doctor’s statement.
  • The competition takes place at TEATRO POLITEAMA GRECO: via XXV Luglio, 73100 LECCE (LE) 70126 Italy ( The stage dimensions are 14,4 metres x 12,5 metres
  • All competition performances are held before a public audience.


  • Competitors will be judged by an international Jury based on 100-point system
  • Competitors will be judged on artistry, technical skill and musicality
  • Male and female participants in all age divisions will NOT compete separately.
  • The competition does not give out jury scores
  • The jury reserves the right to withhold any award or to divide an award between competitors
  • Decisions of the jury are final and without appeal
  • The jury of IBCDC reserves the right not to present all of the announced awards

Arrival date

  • Competitors can arrive in Lecce on Thursday, March 15th 2018, to register
  • Contestants must check in at the Competition at least on the day of their appearance, four (4) hours in advance
  • Please make your travel plans accordingly


  • Competitors are responsible for securing their own medical and accidental insurance for the duration of the competition

Travel and Accommodation

  • Travel and expenses to and from Lecce, Italy are the responsibility of the competitor.
  • Accommodation is the responsibility of the competitor. Special rates are available for housing and food (see About – Location)