Competition/Workshop Schedule: 24 March 2017

Workshop at Balletto del Sud

Address-Via Attilio Biasco, 10, 73100 Lecce

9:30-11:00-Ballet Class-Juniors age 12
11:10-12:40-Ballet Class-Juniors age 13,14
12:50-14:20-Ballet Class -Seniors age 15,16
14:30-16:00-Ballet Class-Seniors 17 up and Professionals

Teatro Politeama Greco (Workshop+Competition)
Address-via XXV Luglio, 73100 Lecce (LE)

Workshop in Teatro Politeama Greco

Class on stage of Teatro Politeama

9:00-10:30-Ballet Class-Pre-competitive age 8-11

Competition in Teatro Politeama Greco

Pre-competitive Category 11:00-15:30
Open Ceremony -Stage of Teatro Politeama(in front of the closed curtain)-11:00-11:15
Open Stage Group A 11:00-11:15
Competition Group A 11:15-12:10
Open Stage Group B 12:10-12:25
Competition Group B 12:25-13:15
Open Stage Group C 13:15-13:30
Competition Group C 13:30-14:15
Open Stage Group D 14:15-14:30
Competition Group D 14:30-15:30

Junior Classical Category 15:45-19:50
Open Stage Group A 15:45-16:00
Competition Group A 16:00-17:10
Open Stage Group B 17:10-17:25
Competition Group B 17:25-18:30
Open Stage Group C 18:30-18:45
Competition Group C 18:45-19:50

Senior Classical Category 20:00-22:00
Open Stage Group A 20:00-20:15
Competition Group A 20:15-21:00
Open Stage Group B 21:00-21:15
Competition Group B 21:15-22:00