During the Competition an International Ballet Workshop will be held (ONLY LIVE IN PERSON) at Balletto di Lecce (Address: Via della Cavalleria n. 17 –  Lecce) and at Teatro Apollo (Address: Via Salvatore Trinchese 13A – Lecce)  on the 18th an 19th of March 2023.

Ballet Technique classes with Oliver Matz, Monika Barna, Elek Tibor Zsolt and Valentin Bartes and Contemporary Dance classes with Marco Laudani, Alex Atzewi and Roberta Fontana.

All competitors may register for the Workshop on the following link: bariballetcompetition.com/registration at the time of registration for the competition.

In case you are already registered at the competition but you wish to add the workshop participation please follow the instructions:
in your dashboard (bariballetcompetition.com/registration) press “make changes”, navigate to the “Workshop Add-ons” section, and press “Attendees”.
For each registered dancer it will be possible to select the lessons by pressing “yes” at the column related to the lesson in which you intend to participate.
If you have more than one registered dancer, you can enrol all of them in by pressing “All yes” button under the lesson title.
If you wish to attend the Workshop without competing please contact us at valentin.vevents@gmail.com.


Workshop registration and payment deadline: 5th April 2022.

30 euro/class/dancer

The places are limited based on first come*first served policy!
The workshop is NOT mandatory.

18 March Workshop

Classical Ballet Workshop (on stage) at Teatro Apollo – Address: Via Salvatore Trinchese 13A – 73100 Lecce
12.00 – 13.30 – Junior I – Elek Tibor Zsolt


Classical Ballet Workshop at BALLETTO DI LECCE – Address: Via della Cavalleria n. 17 Lecce
09.30–11.00 – Junior II – Monika Barna
11.15 –12.45 – Senior – Oliver Matz

19 March Workshop

Contemporary Dance Workshop (on stage) at Teatro Apollo – Address: Via Salvatore Trinchese 13A – 73100 Lecce
09.0010.30 – Junior I – Roberta Fontana

Contemporary Dance Workshop at BALLETTO DI LECCE – Address: Via della Cavalleria n. 17 Lecce
09.0010.30 Junior II – Marco Laudani
10.45–12.15  Senior – Marco Laudani