Tatiana Anton

Tatiana Anton

Tatiana Anton is an international ballet teacher and a former ballerina with twenty five years of experience in teaching dance. Tatiana Anton was born and raised in Suceava, Romania. She was introduced to ballet as a young child, and finishes her academic studies at the Romanian National Ballet School “Octavian Stroia”, Cluj -Napoca from 1982 -1990.

In 1990 she joined Romanian National Opera House Iasi, as a member of the company .While at the National Opera House Tatiana Anton continued to perform, cultivate her passion and develop her skills on a repertoire that includes ballets such as: Swan Lake, Giselle, The Nutcracker, Esmeralda, Fairy Doll, Carmen and many others.

 As a member of Romanian National Company, Tatiana has performed in the tours in Europe and worked with great Choreographers and Masters.

 At the same time, Tatiana began teaching Ballet and Historical Dance classes at Liceul de Coregrafie si Arta Dramatica “Octav Bancila” Iasi, from 1992 to 1997.There she worked with students in the development of their artistic skills, implemented the dance and movement program for students, offering participants opportunities to develop an interest and mastery of the art form.

In 1997, after a successful career as a dancer in Europe, Tatiana moved to the United States. For the past twenty years she has continued to love dance by teaching and choreographing in various dance studios in San Diego, California. Tatiana encouraged and led projects related to dance that foster academic cultural and artistic growth. Prepared dancers for dance competitions, directed auditions and rehearsals for performances and took on special assignments which pertain to the goals and objectives to the dance program. Tatiana emphasis is on building strong technical dancers, providing the best possible level of professionalism and quality of education and maintaining high energy and enthusiasm during classes. Most recently she was certified to teach the Progressive Ballet Technique, an innovative body conditioning and strengthening program created by Marie Walton-Mahon to assist dancers in enhancing their technique by improving their muscle memory.

2000 -2001 The American Club, Singapore -Teacher

2001 – 2004 Royal Dance Academy San Diego, California – Teacher

2005 – 2006 Dance Factory San Diego, California – Teacher

2007 – 2013 Hammond San Diego, California – Teacher/Choreographer

2014 – 2018 Love to Dance, Inc. San Diego, California – Teacher/Choreographer

2017 – 2018 Encinitas Ballet Academy & Arts Center Encinitas, California -Teacher

Georgia’s School Of Dance Escondido, California – Teacher

2018 Satomi Morikawa Ballet Academy, Japan – Guest Master Teacher

Grand Caribbean International Ballet Festival, Mexico – Guest Master Teacher 2019 World Ballet Grand Prix, South Korea – Jury Member and Guest Master Teacher

Sibiu Dance Competition, Romania – Jury and Guest Master Teacher

Premier Ballet Academy Cairo, Egypt – Guest Master Teacher

Scuola Danzarte Altamura, Italy – Guest Master Teacher

International Youth Ballet Festival Sicily, Palermo – Guest Master Teacher

Interdanza, Livorno – Guest Master Teacher

International Ballet Seminar Bari – Guest Master Teacher

Elite Ballet Estudio Guanajuato Mexico – Guest Master Teacher

Company Dream Art Okinawa, Japan – Guest Master Teacher

Yoko Ballet Academy Japan – Guest Master Teacher

Ballet International Training Tijuana, Baja California – Guest Master Teacher

Morikawa Satomi Ballet academy Japan – Guest Master Teacher

2021 International Dance Competition Dubai– Jury and guest Master Teacher

2022 International Dance Competition Dubai – Jury and guest Master Teacher

Jury at Liceo Coreutico Statale “E. Ferdinando” Mesagne Italy

Premier Ballet Academy Cairo, Egypt – Guest Master Teacher

2023 IDTCI Singapore Asia Semi Final – Jury and guest Master Teacher

Currently Tatiana Anton is Co-President | Co-Artistic Director Bell Art Cultural Association CEO International Ballet Company Messapica