Akiko Takahashi

Akiko Takahashi graduated from the Russia Bolshoi Ballet Academy (Bolshoi Ballet
School, 1995). She also graduated in 2002, at the Russia Bolshoi Institute Professor of Low.
From 2003 she teaches ballet as a representative director at RCBA (Russia Classic Ballet
Academy), and she produced the Nara Japan Stage.
She joined the Danchenko Theatre (active as a soloist) on Russia National Stanislavsky
Music Theater.
In her role as a dancer she danced in various cities and countries:
Moscow, Paris, Finland, Ukraine, she has danced with top artists in Korea such has
(Svetlana Zakharova, Polina Semionova, Falflujimatov, Yulia Maharina, Vladimir
Mallerhof, she danced has a guest at the Gala Concert and Fullscreen Stage).
She has organized some charity shows such has the East Japan Great Earthquake,
programming the show.
She also directed the Classical Ballet at the wind stage and Chopiniana.
Other events that she directed are Capitol 1300 Commemoration Event, Bajula 2010
Her students at the RCBA, have obtained various medals in many competitions.